The Best Bike Tours in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an amazing city to explore by bike. In this blog, you will get an overview of some of the best destinations when riding on bike

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October 10, 2019

Written by: Soren Petersen

That time between December 26th and December 30th is always an awkward, magical hang time where we lose track of the time, the hours pass slowly, and we often forget what day of the week it is. It’s a great time for family, friends, and making New Year’s Resolutions. What better time is it than the present to get started planning your next trip to Copenhagen, and penciling in a bike tour? We’ve got the best of Bike Tours in Copenhagen ready to book today. Here are some highlights of our bike adventures– we’ll see you on the road!


1. Visit the Queen at the Royal Palace of Amalienborg

“You’re making a huge mistake…huge.” is the opposite of what you’ll say when you cruise down Amaliegade and enter the Amalienborg Palace complex- home of the Danish Royal Family. Get inspired by the guide´s stories of the Royal family and get a glimpse into their lives. If you´re lucky, you might even see a member of the royal family riding by. The Danish Royal Guards will be keeping watch outside the complex, so make sure to keep your distance! From the Amalienborg Palace Complex, you also have an excellent view of both the Frederik´s Church, as well as the Opera. Book our Daily Bike Tour today!


2. Snap a Picture at the Most Instagrammable Street in Copenhagen

Let’s be honest, you’re not leaving your Copenhagen vacation without plenty of picture-perfect shots for all of your fans on Instagram. Let CBA help you stage the best Instagram shots for you on our bike tours. Check out the vibrant Nyhavn street, where influencers line up to snap a shot of this famous facade. When you book our Daily Bike Tour, we’ll make sure you look your best. Being a former home to world-famous fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, there is plenty of history and stories to be told when visiting this place. Whether you are going on our Daily Tour or having a Private Tour for your group, we´ll make your Copenhagen Bike Adventure one for the books…and one for the ‘gram.

Ride with us to The Famous Nyhavn Street of Copenhagen!


3. Enjoy riding some of the best Urban Bicycle lanes in the world!

Copenhagen is without a doubt one of the best bicycle cities in the world. From the moment you arrive in the city, one of the first things you will notice is the number of cyclists on the streets. There is a reason for this. Since the 70´s the city has invested heavily in the bicycle infrastructure and is still expanding the network of bike lanes today. This has resulted in more than 390 kilometers of bicycle lanes for cyclists to enjoy. Whether experiencing the local way of commuting on one of our tours, or renting a bike to explore on your own, going by bike is definitely the way to see Copenhagen!


4. Say hello to the Little Mermaid statue

As arguably the most famous of attraction of Copenhagen, a bike tour would not be complete unless we visited The Little Mermaid statue in northern Copenhagen! Given as a gift to the city in 1913 by Carl Jacobsen- the owner and founder of the Carlsberg brewery, the Little Mermaid draws a lot of attention and visitors from all around the world come to see her. Sitting on her rock by the harbor water, you will also have an excellent view of the waters surrounding Copenhagen, including the country´s first artificial ski-slope! We always visit the Little Mermaid on either of our two Daily Bike Tours and can certainly arrange to visit her on a Private Tour as well.

See you in Copenhagen!


5. Explore the Freetown of Christiania

On our 10:00 am Daily Tour, we will be making a stop at the Freetown of Christiania- a place that is very different from the rest of Copenhagen! There are around 850 residents inside the area of Christiania, who since the 70´s have created their own little free society. The area is especially known for it´s hippie-like culture, with lots of graffiti as well as the selling of cannabis from open stalls. When you take a Copenhagen 3-hour Bike Tour with us, we´ll tell you all about the unique history or the area and have a walk inside Christiania.   


6. “The Builder King” and historical buildings of Copenhagen


Copenhagen is a city full of history. From the Nyboderne row house district to the very foundations of Christianshavn, “The Builder King”, King Christian IV of Denmark has had a hand in laying the foundations of many of Copenhagen´s most famous attractions. Therefore, he is also a natural discussion topic on many of our bike tours, and you can be sure to ride by at least a couple of monuments that were built under his reign, no matter which tour you take. So book a tour or rent a bike and get out there and explore Copenhagen!


7. Smørrebrød, Flødeboller and more at the Torvehallerne Food Market – A Foodie’s Paradise

All good things must come to an end, but when you conclude one of our Copenhagen bike tours, we will keep you centered in the middle of the action! All our tours start and end at near the Torvehallerne Food Market - one of the top Copenhagen activities to kick off your list while you’re exploring the city. This city market has been operating since 1889 and boasts over 60 vendors featuring some of Copenhagen´s best places to eat. This Copenhagen destination satisfies all kinds of cravings- from traditional Danish Smørrebrød and Fishcakes to delicious tapas and deserts. Fuel up at the Torvehallerne food market and then head over to The Lakes of Copenhagen to relax. Both destinations are featured on our Daily Bike Tours, which you can book here! We also visit Torvehallerne on our Copenhagen Food Tour, where we try some local specialities! Our food tour runs from start May to end of September and can be booked here!

Bike with us to the Torvehallerne Food Market- one of the best places to eat in Copenhagen!


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