Berlin by Bike – The Way it’s Meant to Be Experienced

Berlin is a great city for cyclists. In this blog post we dive into how to best experience the many historical locations of the city.

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If you are going to be visiting Berlin in the near future, have you ever considered taking a guided Bike Tour to get a better understanding of the local landmarks and history? Today Berlin is home to over 3.7 million people. At its’ most populous in 1942 the German capital was home to approximately 4.5 million inhabitants.

2019 is a great year to be visiting Europe’s ‘capital of cool’ – so called because of its’ numerous art galleries, museums, and theaters. Come fall the city will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Here at City Bike Adventures, our guided tours will take you to such sites as one of the longest remaining stretches of The Wall that remains standing, as well as many other landmarks that played a key role in Berlin’s rich, complex 800 years of history.

By joining us on a Bike tour, you are not only helping the environment by releasing zero emissions (hurray pedal power!) you are experiencing the city the way that most locals do. All of the sites we visit on our tours are at most 15 to 20 minutes away from each other by Bike.

Through signing up for one of our Bike tours, you will be part of a small group (usually 4 to 5 people) giving you the chance to ask your local guide questions. All of our guides live in Berlin. Because of this, they are able to provide suggestions for places to visit and things to do that only a local can give.

Here are some of the sites you will see on a City Bike Adventures tour of Berlin:
1. Checkpoint Charlie

On CBA tours we show guests the re-constructed Checkpoint Charlie. During the Cold War years it was a famous gateway into East Berlin, as well as a flashpoint for tensions between the Soviet Union and the Allies. We will explain the context in which the Checkpoint existed, and why it was such a big deal. You will also have time to take photos with your fellow travelers here.
1. Alexanderplatz

This was famously the centre of Communist-controlled East Berlin. It is also home to their most well-known landmark – the Fernsehturm (T.V. Tower). Your knowledgeable guide will tell you the story behind this monument’s construction, as well as shedding some light on its role in the propaganda war between East and West.

1. The Siegessäule (Victory Column)
Berlin’s Victory Column is crowned by ‘Goldelse’ – sculptor Friedrich Drake’s 27 foot high gold-plated statue of Victoria. Goldelse is the affectionate nickname given to the statue by locals. You will learn its’ historical significance and why it was placed at the centre of the Nazis’ East-West Axis.

4) The Reichstag (Germany’s Parliament)

Germany’s Parliament building is known the world over for Architect Norman Foster’s iconic dome that caps the structure. Learn why the dome is such an important feature of their Parliament for Germans.
Why City Bike Adventures?
* We carefully select the route, your guide, and the historical sites that will be visited on every tour. It is our goal to give you the best possible tour of the city you’re visiting, and an experience where the memories will last for life.

* Our company philosophy is that the best way to experience any city is on 2 wheels. Bike tours allow you to see landmarks up close, as well as breathing the air and getting a real sense of the place – as opposed to a fleeting glimpse from behind the windows of a climate-controlled bus. If you really want to explore a city and experience its essence, a Bike tour is the perfect option.
* Climate change is a real challenge. We do our part as a company by holding healthy, eco-friendly tours. Many of our participants who have also done bus tours rave about the difference seeing a city on Bike makes. With City Bike Adventures you can tour Berlin the way it is meant to be experienced – by Bike!



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